new drink - Alo

I just found this drink at our local Whole Foods store and... it was on sale... so I thought, I should give it a try. I have a friend who is convinced that an Aloe Vera drink that she had every day cured her of thyroid cancer, which she did among other natural things, and for 8 years now she has been clean. YES, this is enough for anyone to give Aloe a try and this was my chance.

I even ran it by our eight year old son, and he said we should give it a go... so we did and the whole family loves it! It's a little crazy at first because there are actual chunks of aloe in the drink, the kids thought this was kooky but they still love it!

Since ancient times aloe vera has been used externally for healing, and I am sure that we ALL have cut a leaf and spread the juices onto our sun-burned skin at one point or another, and doesn't this just beg the question; "what if we drink this fluid?" Well ALO has the answer - aloe vera has many vitamins and minerals, it contains enzymes, amino acids and agents which may be anti-inflamitory and anti-microbial, and is good for your digestive system. It also helps in the absorption of vitamins C and E, but really I just somehow trust that aloe is great for us.

There is cane sugar in the product but it's one of the last of the short list of ingredients (I love a short ingredient list!). But now I just want to try their other drinks! (all of which contain 25% aloe vera juice and pulp)

aloe :: exposed
aloe + wheatgrass :: awaken
aloe + pomegranate + cranberry :: enrich
aloe + pomelo + pink grapefruit + lemon :: appeal
aloe + 12 fruits and vegetables :: enliven
aloe + olive leaf :: elated
aloe + mangosteen + mango :: allure

I think that they all sound GREAT! But so far I have only tried 'EXPOSED' I hope that you get a chance to try them this summer... I have a feeling that they will become a refreshing summer drink around this house! It's slightly sweet, but not too sweet, it's clear so no colors added, it's refreshing any time of day (to wake up to or as a good night elixer)... ahh just right!

(this is starting to sound like an ad - but I PROMISE you they did not put me up to this... I LOVE the stuff!)

click here to find out more and visit their website - alo drink