got a carpenter friend? ...hit them up!

we have a carpenter friend, I love those kind of friends, each time he comes over I have a list of things to fix in our house.... but hey...nobody cooks a great dinner like nonchalant mom to make up for it! no really, our friend garret brings over his leftover scraps from his woodshop and it's endless fun for the kids! they both go crazy...and the last time he brought six boxes of scraps...I wanted to build a dollhouse with it! but sander got to it first and made a wonderland of incredible inventions! cars, a rain collector, a boat, and this list goes on like this...one thing after another. right now we are using tape (I get colorful artists tape from pearl paint), but soon I am sure he will be moving onto nails.

honestly, it's great for both worlds...he spends days on end working on projects, and I really like to just leave him to it and not get involved, he rarely asks for help but once in a while there is the difficult tape project. we save the inventions on his shelf or keep them in his 'keep box' and it's all good fun, for no cost, no plastic, and just his imagination! so, next time you meet a carpenter, saddle up, make him dinner and you never know what you can get in return!