Domino...we love you!!

isn't life crazy...Domino recently published a story about our home in Rhode Island, so if you want to get a closer look into our home-life...just open the June/July issue! they did such and amazing job and I could be more excited about being in my favorite magazine! Our life looks so wonderful I want to live those days EVERY day...instead, our water heater broke down yesterday, my employees just fell apart on me (we are getting it back together again) and the last thing my son wants to do is go to school (but I remember that from the last few weeks of school when I was a kid!). so here we are, taking showers outside (something that domino didn't share with you!), packing boxes like crazy, and getting calls from the nurses office asking me to pick up my son who 'somehow' has a fever?? (how does he do that!).

But we love the article and the life that Domino shows that we had for those few days when they photographed our house (it was so much fun!)...the Domino team are some of the nicest bunch of people I have ever met in this business, throughout the entire process it was kindness, fun and graciousness...with everyone taking care of each other, by everyone involved, so thank you Domino!

But for now we are left with cold water until my husband decides whether to fix the heater or get a new one??...and in the meantime I am working hard on my Nonchalant Kids Spring collection, making some lovely summer necklaces for you'all and having some summer fun with the kids (just like in the photos!)

you can also see the Nonchalant Mom Domino article here.

(that's the outside shower off to the right...lately it's been cold and raining which makes it extra-'fun'?!)