Ichigo Daifuku - kice kice recipe

I got this amazing recipe from lesley at kice kice, and although it's a little bit complicated the result is so much fun! (and it's one of those things that when you do it once, it will be a breeze the next time) so I wanted to share this great Daifuku recipe...lesley took these helpful photos to get you going. your kids will love these yummy tasty treats! and I think this is a wonderful way to introduce new treats to your kids (and get away from candy).

Ichigo Daifuku (or strawberry rice cakes)

-2/3 c. water
-1/4 c. sugar
-1 c. mochiko or shiratama-ko (this is sweet rice flour-mochi rice flour)
-1/2 c. anko (sweet red bean paste-I had a hard time finding this online but lesley thinks you can find this in any asian food store, it comes in a can or you can make it here)
-6 strawberries washed with stem removed
katakuriko (potato starch) for dusting
*optional raspberries for pink daifuku

Heat water, add sugar, stir until dissolved.

Turn heat to low add mochiko stir for about 5 minutes (it should form
into a ball). Turn off burner and let dough cool for 15 minutes.

If pink daifuku is desired cook raspberries down until they are mostly

Sprinkle work surface with katakuriko knead dough. Make sure you coat the dough with katakuriko and hands as it is very sticky. Add more katakuriko if it becomes sticky. Divide dough into 6 pieces. If you want pink daifuku add juice from raspberries and knead until dough becomes pink.
Add dough to a steamer basket in a pan, steam dough for 10 minutes.
Remove dough pieces from pan. Sprinkle work surface and dough with katakuriko. Roll each piece of dough until it is flat and big enough to go around a strawberry. Add anko paste to the middle of the dough, put a strawberry on top then cover with more anko. Wrap the dough around the strawberry. Pinch at the top until the dough is covering the strawberry. Flip over so the smooth side of the daifuku is up.
Repeat this process with each piece of dough. Refrigerate or eat!

*kids can possibly choke on the mochi if not chewed well. It is best to
keep an eye on them when they are eating.

Lesley and her sister Karen and the twin sisters of the collection Kice Kice which I have here at nonchalantmom, don't miss their new summer collection, it's super cool and sweet!