knitting... in the summer?! YES!

have you ever thought to yourself...I could knit that!...but I don't even know how to knit! well, if you have a new baby, or are waiting for one, and even with little kids it's a good time to start. because these little guys wear small little sweaters and therefore you only have to knit small little things! it's pretty darn easy and a good way to get started on knitting ('hooked' shall we say!). another great thing about knitting baby clothes is that they are so tiny you can just throw them in your purse and do them anywhere on the run, subway, dentist office, waiting for your kids karate to finish, there is never a dull moment in a knitters life! Ha!

AND if you want your kids to have something warm for the winter now is the time to start! this will give you time to learn, practice and start your very own sweater for your kids (or yes, if you are really industrious for yourself!) my neighbor Angela, started with kids sweaters, hats, mittens, now...you have no idea..she is such a professional! (this is one of hers above and more below) and she whips things up that you and me just drool over!

where to begin...I found this website called Bella Knitting that is really sweet and I think it's a good place to begin, they sell patterns or if you are just starting out they have complete kits with yarn and everything! this is a terrific and helpful way to start so that even if you don't have a knitting shop in your neighborhood, you can feel like you have some guidance along the way. I knit freehand, without a pattern, and I don't suggest this, things come out pretty wacky sometimes, but this comes from years of working in knitting factories, writing lot's of spec sheets, and measuring LOTS of sweaters! but it also can be fun, less stressful and completely calming (if you are the kind of person that doesn't have to have everything perfect that is!)
So good luck and start now on your winter wonderful goodies!

Angela has these suggestions for websites that are helpful:
knitting help and patterns - ravelry
anything for getting started - purl soho in NYC (and GREAT inspiration!!)