tomato basil pasta - many ways!

my sister sent me a recipe today for tomato basil pasta and you know how sometimes when you make something just about every week your forget to share those things...well this is the case, so I am going to present to you my sisters recipe, because her version is interesting, and then I will give you mine and some additional things that I like to add...

Linda's recipe (very quick and simple):
Here is a simple crowd pleaser for dinner tonight.

Cut in half some cherry or grape tomatoes. Put in a bowl.
Whisk together some balsamic and oil, salt and pepper. Pour over tomatoes.
Chop some basil fine. Put on top of tomatoes.

Let it sit on counter for a few hours or all day. Put a sushi mat over the bowl to keep bugs out.

Boil some pasta, I use spaghetti, using directions on box, drain and pour tomato marinade on top of pasta.

Crumbled goat cheese on top makes it wonderful.

It is a very refreshing and colorful dinner, everyone will love it.

ok...here is my version: (it only takes about 15 mins, plus pasta cooking time!)
put water on for pasta (and cook to directions)
cut cherry tomatos in half
chop up basil
cube mozzarella (a ball is good or slightly less...give some plain to kids!)

when pasta is ready grab a cup of pasta water in case you need it
do a quick strain and throw into your serving bowl
add all above ingredients (add a little pasta water if it seems dry)
drizzle some really good olive oil over pasta
add salt and pepper
we love it with toasted pine nuts
you can add cooked shrimp (my kids love this)

make up your own additions and please share them with us by commenting, but it's a really great and easy (fast!) dish!


:: juinlily :: said...

It sounds great, will definately be trying this one as soon as we restock.

Here's a variation:
Coat pan w/ oil, add tomato halves til soft. Remove skin. Add a handful of chopped basil, salt and pepper. Mush the tomatoes while cooking. Dump over pasta!

lesley said...

We have a similar recipe we make almost every week with a few variations:

Saute garlic slightly, add tomatoes and basil. Mix in cooked pasta and stir. Serve with grilled chicken.


Roast garlic, mash and mix with olive oil. Mix the roasted garlic with the cooked pasta. Add tomatoes and basil.

Either recipe is good with kalamata olives, red pepper flakes or white kidney beans.

Roberta Filava said...

hi, I'm Italian and this post is very funny! The recipes are both good recipes, yours is more italian than sister's one. The italian cooking is famous in the worl because is very simple and easy, only few ingredient, oliva oil, parmigiano and basilico and pasta, are enought to live everywhere! Buon appetito.
Nice to met you.
p.s. when you need help cooking write me...