bug bites, itching...here's help!

it's just about that time of year...along with the fourth of july comes bug mosquito and bug bite time. I got this wonderful trick from my friend Karen who lives in switzerland, she happened to use it today so we know it works!

summer = bug bites

The perfect and natural cure to an irritating bug bite is onion. As
soon as possible after the bite, apply raw onion for 10 minutes. It
draws out the poison and leaves you with little to no itching. I find
it particularly effective for red ant bites which usually swell up,
spread and can leave you scratching for more than a week.
Try it!

around our parts in Rhode Island we get mosquitoes, and however you try to stop them there are always a few itches that drive you crazy...we have found that Bach rescue remedy cream (just a little dab) will take the itch away. I know it's not made for this but it happens to work...I use Bach rescue remedy for so many things and it's really helpful (...sunburn!).

write in comments about your favorite bug-bite remedy!