photo collage - that's his middle name - grégoire ganter

grégoire is a busy guy...believe me because I know him and he is everywhere! did you see that guy with a camera on Prince Street in NYC, that was him! he is all over the place photographing everything! but honestly, he is not only busy with his artwork, he has also made a name for himself with his many a varied ideas! he is the old fashioned idea man, but new because his work is AMAZING! I love the idea of going to a birthday party and instead of giving a plastic toy or the latest power ranger gadget, THIS is what you give them...the kid will love it for longer than any toy can ever last! I know because my son has one and he talks about it all the time. or here is my idea for party gifts, buy the alphabet pack of postcards, frame them and give them out as gifts for all your parties! see I told you grégoire has the perfect ideas!

but really, grégoire ganters gift to your kids is more than the wonderful piece of art it teaches your kids about making something and having ideas! it teaches them the wonderful world of collage...and what an exciting world that is! it will teach them how to use art throughout their lifetime, on their wall as a child with one of grégoire's works, then they can start to work things for themselves and use collage in their journal, as art, in notes to friends, there is a wonderful world of ideas wrapped up in collage!

my favorite works are grégoire's cityscapes (above)...take a peek whow...it's almost live! grégoire is an amazing artist, take a look at his website and see the infinity of his colorful work. and then take one home!

obviously, these are a great way for your kids to learn the alphabet, just in case you are tired of the Dr. Seuss...