the power of natural healing - macrobiotic conference

July 28th - August 3rd - 2008 :: Wellesley, Massachusetts

This maybe a little short notice but...(I somehow forgot about it earlier!) the macrobiotic conference or as it is called now: the power of natural healing--
this is a big secret of the natural and whole foods movement. I have attended a few times and it was extremely eyeopening and enlightening, and what I learned has followed me through my life and helped me raise my kids in a more healthy way.

There is something about seeing things done in a classroom format right in front of you, that really helps to get the picture in cooking and healing. this is an intensive week of classes on everything from cooking, yoga, do-in, qi-gong, massage, healing theory (for example "the energetics of food"!!), foods for healing, and much much more! the conference works almost like school, you can choose from about 3-4 class options each session (mostly 1 1/2 hours each) and then there are about 6 sessions a day and each night some kind of very special speaker! this is such a wonderful way to make a huge change in your families life, an educated change as these are the leading experts at this time, all in one place, in the natural foods/healing movement. take a look at the power of natural healing website to see a listing of the wonderful presenters and classes that are scheduled...it's amazing!
this is also a terrific place for your children! all ages are welcome but there are special classes/activities for kids ages 3-17 (they are separated in three age appropriate groups). children under the age of three are free and you can bring them to classes with you as long as they are not disrupting the class. you wanted to send your kids so summer camp...why not go with them!! what a great family summer vacation!
visit the website to find out more about macrobiotic conference or the power of natural healing! you will find all information on accommodations and pricing.

oh, and did I mention...delicious macrobiotic meals!

here are some of my favorite presenters:
yoga with Karin Stephan (she is my guru!)
Denny Waxman - incredible energy and charisma
Lino Stanchich - I have written about him before but a wonderful speaker and very inspiring
Gabrielle Kushi - a friend and a wonderful woman and chef and lecturer!
Warren Kramer - a great macrobiotic counselor
and obviously Michio Kushi himself lectures as well!

You will learn so much from everyone!! just open your ears and heart to a profound experience!