healthy vending machines

I know that many of you are very active in your schools, playgrounds and local activity centers. I recently came upon this company in California who stocks healthy vending machines! ....just an idea... instead of complaining about that coca cola and candy machine you can tell them you have the answer...yonaturals!

and maybe one of these days those candy machines will be on VH1's remember the 90's! visit their website here for more information about becoming a location of healthy snacks from yonaturals.


Lauren said...

Finally! For years I've been saying that someone will tap into the convenience and ubiquitous nature of vending machines and other fast foods, replacing them with REAL foods. I've only seen it on a tiny scale here in So Cal: a few healthy bars in an otherwise junk filled machine. Love this totally health version. Yo Naturals is going to be frigging rich someday soon.

jora said...

This is a fantastic idea. No downside that I can even think of!