Bubble kids trade show - NYC Spring Summer 2009!

for the next few days I will be at the Bubble kids trade show in NYC, showing my Nonchalant Kids line for Spring Summer 2009 (no, that is not a typo...2009!!)...today was our first day and I happen to have a booth between two of my favorite kids brands, Romp and Lucky Fish! Lucky Fish you know from me talking about her many times and also on Nonchalant Mom, Jann and I have been friends since I decided to start my website in 2004 and over the years we have developed a nice friendship...it is amazing spending a few days together and working so close, I learn a lot about our business and we spend most of our time coming up with ideas for the future!! projects that make the world of kids more exciting for all of us. we also talk a lot about working and raising our kids, Jann in NYC (Brooklyn to be exact) and us in Rhode Island and even though they are worlds apart there is always something you learn from friends and parenting. and by the way, for next summer she knocked her designs out of the park...they are outstanding! but you have to wait until January!

Jenn from Romp is the person who brought us the wonderful world of Inke Helland, the dutch artist who created the wall silhouettes made of vintage wallpaper (and YES I have them on nonchalant mom!!). these cut out shapes transform any room into a wonderland of creativity for your kids...and the engaging animal friends that can become a part of their life will be a treasured memory forever! Jenn has become an inspiring friend as well, I think that a wonderful thing about these trade shows is that it gives us a chance to talk about the world today, what kind of role models our businesses can be for the industry and yes, we talk a lot about the difficulty (and JOY) of working and raising children--having businesses, which we decided hands down that we all love, but mostly how it feeds our souls to do both!

So you can be assured to see some more creativity out of all of us! and over dinner tonight with Jann (Lucky Fish), Jenn (Romp), Meg & Teresa (Kit+Lili), and Julie (who's jewelry, Verre, you will see on my website to come!!), we came up with lots of ideas to make all of our businesses more fun and exciting for you...so as always there is more to come!! so stay tuned!