cutting kids hair

I know that cutting your kids hair can just sends shivers up some people spines, but I really like to do it... wielding a sharp scissors around your kids head can be pretty scary sometimes, but whenever I see a kid come out of a hair salon, no matter what it costs, with one of those sergeant haircuts I just want to die! so here it goes, as best I can, I will give you a guide to your kids back-to-school haircut a-la nonchalant mom (this is important because it will NOT be perfect!). first of all you will need a nice small haircutting scissors (and I know, it's scary, these are SO sharp! but if you use a dull set of scissors it won't really work) and a good small-to-medium tooth comb and a nice high stool.

ok here we go...we usually do everyone in one day so that we can all get into it and no one gets left out, so either mommy or daddy will have to get a haircut too (whoever is not doing the cutting)! take one at the time and get them into the shower or just spray-wet the hair (I promise a shower works better). now you are probably going to have to give your child a lollipop for sitting still, just like the salon...so have this ready. I start with the top of the head and comb it up like a mohawk and trim a lot off the top, then pull out each of the sides and cut them with another good healthy cut and then pull out two at the back (each of these are just one cut--fast an easy)...technically it's called 'sectioning' I learned this term on 'shear genius' from sally hershberger..ha!... you might want to just check the center back quickly if you kids can stay seated that long, and then I also comb down the bangs and make sure they are short enough. for boys you might also want to check over the hears...eek! super scary...I usually just opt to leave them long though... so in total there are only about 5 cuts you are making...easy as pie! and I hope this makes sense, but practice on your spouse first to make sure you have a good grip on the scissors and then comb, it's a bit of a twister.