Do-It-Yourself Snow Globes - by nonchalantdad

We haven't had the best of weather these last few days. Unfortunately, that means the kids haven't been able to run around outside as much. And, well, I don't have to tell you what that can be like. We have exhausted the making of tents, cutting and gluing, drawing, and playing all sorts of games. The kids were getting restless when I remembered this project: making homemade snow globes! It's a very simple thing to do with the kids and you'd be amazed at how much fun they have helping to make them. Plus, the whole process easily eats up a good hour of concentration..... just enough time to keep them from destroying the house!

You'll need some clean empty jars to recycle with screw on lids. In my case I had to sacrifice the last bit of jam so that I could get 2 jars alike (just to avoid another potential problem!). You take the lid off and with the help of your youngsters you find a small figure (preferably light and proportional to the jar's size) that you can glue to it - you can even make your own sculptures from paper clips, etc. Basically, anything easily glued down to the lid will do - but if your kids are like mine - they will surely want to personalize their snow globe with something special to them. In my case, I'm embarrassed to say that my little guy wanted to use some toy plastic soldiers.... oh well!

Now, once you are finished with the lid you take the glass jar and you put some glitter in it. If you don't have any glitter you can experiment with something else that might work. You could use tiny cut up pieces of aluminum foil, uncooked rice, etc..... use your imagination. Then you fill the jar with some cold water, tighten on the lid after the glue has dried, and there you go! you can glue the lid to the jar if there is any leaking and just leave right side up until it's nice and dry. Additionally, though you might not be able to tell from the rather awful picture I have taken of the globes, you can even decorate the outside of the jar with stickers if you have them handy. As well, they can even write their names on the outside of the glass. The kids will love it all the more because they made it and you will love it because it will focus them on a project that you can do together. And after a few days when the water might start to cloud up, you can take it apart again and recycle. So, next time it rains, try it out and see what fun you can have in a short space of time!!!