tuss - the ultimate simple solution

I have known Catti from Tuss since I saw her really amazing store in Stockholm, Sweden. I entered the store, and I couldn't believe how wonderful--all white, black and grey, NO color! just luscious and wonderful clothing, I was hooked immediately but it still took a bit for me to write an order for nonchalantmom. I wasn't sure that everyone was ready for 'the ultimate simple solution'! but you all proved me wrong when I sold out of the first collection in record time... and I know why, tuss is the best understated and wearable clothing you will find for kids! if you want to invest in something minimal and chic, in only the most simple way, you will be very happy in tuss!

Catti Aman is the woman behind the solution! she believes that only the highest quality fabrics and construction belong on kids and she is right! it's a very Scandinavian approach; practical, comfortable and functional with a heavy emphasis on design. "I work with a neutral palette because I think children's clothes are gender defined from day one….I believe that finding high quality, simply designed clothing in neutral colors is difficult, so I wanted to fill that space in the market, Catti said in a recent interview.

"Most of the designs this season can be used as a dress and a tunic; a lot of the pieces can be worn by either boys or girls. I use great materials like cotton, cashmere and wool that are easily combined and washable without being boring. I believe in making timeless yet contemporary pieces that allow kids to play and feel comfortable and look great at the same time."

Catti's background as a curator in contemporary art and design is reflected in her minimalist creations. "The design is reduced to the essential leaving out excess decoration and loud visible labels," she says. Employing her skills as a curator, Catti hires well-known designers and artists recognized for their work in other mediums (like Anna Kleberg, a photographer in Sweden who illustrated a limited edition of T-shirts for Tuss) to contribute to her collection.

Catti we are so glad to have your collection at nonchalant mom and if, say in the near future, the dollar gets stronger we will be only more happy to have more Tuss!!

Tuss :: the ultimate simple solution is available at nonchalant mom.

her store is at: Artillerigatan 29 :: Stockholm, Sweden