an easy summer pasta - everything in the kitchen!

I think that I am going to call this dish 'everything in the kitchen'...you know those days, you are tired...and your kids aren't! all you want to do is sit down and veg out...but then you forgot, it's your night to feed your family for dinner...shoot! look in your fridge or freezer and pull out a comforting bunch of veggies, I found: frozen corn, baby bok choy, and edamame (now in the summertime you might find more fresh items, but when I did this it's all we had!). I like to keep it to three for some reason, otherwise it can get to be too much confusion in your bowl and I think it's a harmonious number...whenever I make pastas I use three ingredients.

boil your pasta...then go lay down for a minute, close your eyes and pretend to rest, if anyone bothers you just don't say anything...sometimes you can get a few minutes of rest this way!

strain the pasta and leave just a little bit of water in the pan throw in your veggies (if you need to steam some do so beforehand with a strainer on top of your boiling pasta, this is another good trick...) add salt and pepper and a big spoon of greek yogurt! that's it! this makes an nice creamy pasta and the kids love it! we like garlic toast with it or some roasted sausages (just in an iron skillet with a bay leaf)...yum!

let us know your ideas and what works in this dish for you! (I need some new ideas!)