toys and math...can it be fun!?

I recently found this wonderful magazine called "Good" it's not exactly a 'parenting' magazine but if you know me, you know that I rarely read them (way too hyper on the parenting front and would make me frantic!) and I usually find good things in smart magazines, and Good is certainly a smart magazine, I think that you will like it! visit their website here for a subscription--also your 100% of your subscription cost goes to a nonprofit of your choice...how's that for GOOD!

Ever wonder if Jimmy Carter was right and we need to switch over to the metric system...well this little ditty will help you out...treeblocks! we use them for counting with our kids at this point but they will come in handy all the way into algebra...to help your kids visualize their math! I use math every day in my work and I think that most people do, it's one of those basic things and it's wonderful to be good at it...(that's what I keep telling my kids!) so start now and let treeblocks help your kids play with math! ...we make up lots of games with them too! and they look and feel wonderful!

this company has other tree block games and ideas to check out! and yes, you just might find tree blocks one day at nonchalantmom! (I love them!)