Palm Springs / LA (winter school break)

We realized that many schools do not have a winter school break in California, but WE did! So we took off to one of MY favorite places (I got to choose this time), but mostly because my husband needed to attend an Art show there as well (two birds with one stone or one flight as in this case). So we invited his whole family who live in California -- we rented an iconic 'Modern' home and had a BLAST! (just like we were kids again...) I got to see the Modernism show, visit the Frey House and all the terrific Modern shops. While my husband got to see a very nice Art show which was going on at the same time (his work happened to be in the show as well so that's always fun!). The kids... well the POOL was the big draw and we had PERFECT weather! I pulled together some quick photos of the trip... I had so many boxes of New SPRING collections when we returned I am sorry but this is going to be a quick blog because I have TONS of work to do!

photos clockwise from top left: we brought our scooters so the kids we ALWAYS entertained!, the GIRLs out on the town included NEON always! (those are my NEW hasbeens!! bottom center), always the most astonishingly elegant people in Palm Springs... everywhere!, my favorite car and the car show, where to get coffee in PS = koffi!, monderism show! - delightful and franny doing some lounging on the streets of PS

still in PS photos clockwise from top left: the car show at the modernism show in PS and ANOTHER handsome man!!, The Parker (my favorite place in Palm Springs!) lounge, entrance, lunch at Norma's, path through the gardens at Parker, two of my favorite guys at my favorite shop in Palm Springs: Studio One Palm Springs, a fun and busy courtyard in the center (near koffi)

now we are in LA, I dashed off to - Abbott Kinney! photos clockwise from top left: abbott kinney street, my FAVORITE place to eat in the WHOLE world Axe, my delicious plate! amazing, aviation nation (you will see more of them in my shop soon - stay tuned!), Huset (swedish shop - hint: online too!), and always my favorite TORTOISE and Tortoise General Store

We stayed in Huntington Beach a great place for kids and beach fun! bike riding right on the beach (for miles and miles!), franny sporting a bit of Aviation Nation, flying in and out of Long Beach you get to load on the plane the old fashioned way!, just too tired! (fell asleep mid-pencil sharpening), the BEACH at Huntington Beach!

If I can find the time later I will give you more details on where to stay and what to do....

Surf's UP!