kids who love to cook!

This program is a wonderful little show that takes on a recipe that kids make themselves... very cute idea and simply made this show may just give your kids that little push they need to get in the kitchen and help you out! (if you want that... that is.!) and you just might learn something along the way too!

making cheese!

Like when Kids Who Love to Cook showed us how they make cheese in Vermont! -very interesting! and since it's all done by kids, KIDS love it! and you know how much I love Branzino... there is also a recipe for Branzino al Cartoccio! yum!

yes, she is kissing her muscles, it takes a lot of muscle to make your own bread!

Any way you look at it your kids will have more interest in healthy good food if they learn how it's cooked and I tell you what... when it's cooked by kids, somehow they LISTEN!

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