how to be an explorer of the world!

via notesondesign.tumblr. (my favorite!!)

I found this via Pinterest... I don't know if you have gotten involved in pinning but it's a hard addiction to stop and I really love it! Of all of these social media tools it's wonderful, creative and puts and inspiring spin on your day. The only problem IS you will want to change your HOUSE, your Hair, your shoes, you may want to travel when you are done... lots of dreaming!!

But I really loved this list of HOW TO BE AN EXPLORER OF THE WORLD! and my kids loved it too... now they are making lists of their own! It sounds simple but I have been buying my kids notebooks for them to keep journals for years... to no avail... I find them stashed in their desk months later! BUT finally my nine year old (soon to be TEN) has taken to the notebooks and draws in them just about every day! I couldn't be more excited, and you know what... I didn't ask him to do it! -love that!

Have a GREAT day!