birth announcements - color quarry (and much more!)

I found these amazing custom designed birth announcements... and come to find out these guys are in my own back yard! Colorquarry was a delightful little idea of a talented graphic designer (RISD grad no less...) who had a child, made an amazing birth announcement and said WHoA.. I'd like to do MORE of these! So it was something born out of LOVE, and don't these kind of things always give the best results!

This story is about Amanda McCorkle, who has a passion for letterpress, but not only that she has a passion for making these delightful cards that make you laugh and sing a bit! I thought they were terrific and I hope you do to... She makes each card as a collaboration, so they are all 100% unique and personal to YOU.

She also makes these fun linocut block prints that will delight you! I used them for valentines day cards, but they are great for anything! Amanda makes Wedding invites and Birth announcements or just about anything you want her to do in her signature style! But really, you can see in her examples, each card will reflect YOU, that that makes them wonderful...

visit her etsy site to see more examples and send her an email to get more information!