did you know that tomorrow is Valentines Day!?

9pm cram gluing photos to handcrafted paper and then writing the names on them... not highly creative but we got it done...

Somehow I had in my mind that Valentines Day was Wednesday, I thought I had another whole DAY to make cards with my kids and take our time and have some fun... but NO, there we were at 9pm cramming to get our cards done, Franny who is just start to write was powering through her cards at the speed of... glue drying, molasses dripping... or something like that, I pictured us at MIDNIGHT writing down the names of each kid in her class, but somehow we made it... the clock struck 9:30 and we were done! YAY! another year.. another sort-of-uncreative but looks good valentine card!

We managed this project over the weekend, I thought it looked great but all that the kids are really able to help with is shaving the crayons! I had to do pretty much everything else... but we LOVED how it came out and it kept the house very festive all weekend! We added the letters VALENTINE inside the wax paper bags. The tutorial is amazing and it's from a very cute blog called 'Hellobee' where a guest blogger Jenny of Hank + Hunt came up with the delightful DIY project, step by step instructions will help you make this beautiful garland!

Jenny's gorgeous mess, ours was a bit messier!

don't they look beautiful!

ours is not such a good photo but I like the way it turned out!
Whatever your project it's such a great day to do anything PINK or RED and just have a great time with it!!

visit Hellobee and the step by step DIY project here!