Golden Bridge Yoga

Last year when Jann and I went to California we dropped in on a Kundalini yoga class which was taught by Gurmukh Khalsa at Golden Bridge in LA, it was a fantastic class and we both felt reinvigorated and amazing when we were done. So when Jann emailed to say that Gurumuk was going to be in NYC for a Martin Luther King day workshop on 'Kindness' in Janaury I knew I had to make the trek down to the city for the class. Again, it was fantastic! A three hour workshop that reminded me of who I am in the world and how I want to be in this world. And yes, we did a good amount of Kundalini yoga as well which gave me a completely refreshing outlook.

I think that from time to time in your life it's really nice to step out of regularity and the things we do day to day, especially when we have kids and things become more about them than they are for yourself. It's not a BIG thing, it's not a cruise or a vacation away from your family for days, but it's something meaningful to YOU. If you don't have that 'thing' in your life then put yourself out there to find your thing... Take the time by yourself or with a friend and may I suggest:

The Power of Love Valentines Day Celebration with Gurmukh Khalsa
In New York - Golden Bridge Yoga - Monday, February 13th - 7:30 - 10pm
In Los Angeles - Golden Bridge Yoga - Tuesday, February 14th - 7 - 9pm
(yes, Gurmukh is leading both classes!)

Here is the description:
The Heart center is the strongest of all centers. The heart center effects 108 trillion times more effectively than the head. Heart has the power of a 108 suns. Whenever you pray with your head, it will take a long time -- you have to go through intellect, thought, circumstances, environment, space, and time. Whenever you sing or pray from heart, it will be timeless, spaceless and absolutely effective. It works.

Let your heart become the Temple of Gold. Please join us for a bountiful, beautiful and blissful heart-felt Kundalini Yoga and Meditation evening. This incredible class will be dedicated to the Infinite Power of the heart. Yummy treats will be served after class.

Now doesn't that sound like an amazing class! And if you have not been to one of Gurmukh's classes before you will be amazed when out of this tiny, quiet, BEAUTIFUL woman, comes the loud sound of chanting that will stir your soul and it just may... make you weep! (I did!)

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