highlights of our recent photo shoot!

Bobo Choses is a new collection to nonchalantmom this season but they are in no way new to incredible fun and exciting kids clothing! They are from Spain and you can tell, because they in NO WAY fit into the box of tranditional kids clothing.. fun colorful and unique! All hand printed, Designed and Made in Spain! Many of you have been begging me to have this collection for a long time, but it's hard... importing from Europe and it's not always feasible for YOU and ME! But we MADE it work! (in the words of Tim Gunn!)

The new Makié collection arrived - well a FEW items.. I went CRAZY on Makié this season, she got very creative and did some hand dying... WONDERFUL.. and to dye for! (ha!). Our first shot of Spring is classics that I love and usually don't go for from Makié but this year I love them, I loved the fabrics and the easy shapes! (below)

I went to visit Monica of two collection a week ago and was able to talk her into parting with more than usual! I got some amazing caftans, tops and dresses (although I think they may be gone ALREADY.. ) these pieces go so fast. Her set up is like a dream for any designer! She selects the most amazing fabrics, saree's to work with, she said it's like finding a needle in a haystack to find the perfect ones for her aesthetic, cotton, ease of movement and fantastic color (or not... she is very good at selecting blacks, creams, and such which I love too!). She washes them, sometimes many times to get the starches out so that they flow and move with your body, no easy work but the result!! I love them!! and completely addicted, if you are choosing between two I suggest get BOTH... you will NOT be sorry!

More of Spring to come... sooner rather than later... RIGHT!!??