Dr. Weils new book 'Spontaneous Happiness'

This particular item has been on my blog list for weeks now, somehow it didn't seem appropriate around the holidays but now I want to share my full cycle thought on this book and depression. I hate to use that word but it is what it is... It started with this article in Novembers New York Times magazine - 'Sleep Medication: Mother’s New Little Helper' - if you missed it click here to read. It goes on to talk about just what you would think how mom's heads spin at night with all of their nagging duties that they can't sleep and then -- Hello sleeping medication... I know I am going to get flogged for this but I think that there are quite a few things to try BEFORE leaning on sleeping medication (which can become addictive, that's just ONE of the side effects). Enter Dr. Weils new book, 'Spontaneous Happiness' he was a terrific guest on NPR (I think it was with Ira Flatow, not the best choice for Dr. Weil but shows you even a scientist can be turned!) Combating Depression with Diet - the interview was filled with dynamic information on what you can do if you are having trouble with depression and also if you are already taking drugs how to wean off the drugs. I learned a tremendous amount from him about supplements (his 'remedy' of choice)

It is the diet exercise conversation, with real solutions that even for a person that doesn't make that connection will make. Especially with the skeptical Ira Flatow interviewing. These may be two different conversations but I feel that in the world of Alternative Medicine these two have similar remedies (have a feeling I will be flatened for this statement).

In the past I have given you some remedies that I feel are very helpful, here is a reminder of them:

- Apple Tea (click here for recipe) - I know this may sound too simple to be helpful but everyone I know that has tried it has really loved it and has said that it is very helpful to them, I know it's extremely helpful to me, when I am wound up and can't see my way out Apple Tea is always helpful.

- Rescue Remedy - by Bachs Flower Remedies this is an overall amazing clarity boost, it's very powerful and should be used when powerful help is needed. It's also terrific for breastfeeding problems, it helps milk come in and is a great go-to for many post natal issues.

Yoga and Acupuncture can play a healing role in many types of sleeplessness and depression. Think about taking a walk every day, or a run, our bodies were not made for sitting at a computer all day or in meetings, they were made for working in the fields and hunting and gathering! no!? These are all things that you can do together with whatever your doctor is prescribing and then maybe bit by bit you can come off prescription drugs.

These are some suggestions, I am sure that our community has more so if you have something that works for you please share it here with a comment! I hope that this is helpful and I really don't mean to belittle anyone if they are using sleep aides or such... it's just a suggestion to try some other alternatives that's all... and I can't wait to read Dr. Weils book!

Stay Active, Be Healthy!