in the year ahead...

Sydney, Australia's fantastic 2012 fireworks!

This is that wonderful or not so wonderful time of in-between... we have all spent quite a bit of time with our families, which I can say has been GREAT, but in the same breath I can't wait for things to get back to normal tomorrow. Do I really LOVE my work that much... YES I do! I like to set new goals for the new year and with all the distractions, in the last week I haven't really thought further than "What are we having for dinner tonight?" On the horizon are health goals, business goals and personal goals...

Exercise - last year I started running, one mile a day... foolish you may think... but it's a super easy time commitment that I can't pass up, it ONLY takes 15 minutes! I love this idea and I think that EVERYBODY should do it... in my opinion it's SOMETHING rather than nothing. Rather than taking it further I am trying to just run it faster... in this New Year.

Food - last year I spoke about our families food consumption (well maybe just my husbands and mine) If we could just take the lead from our kids and eat, just enough! I am still interested in cutting it back, it's a process... what should our plate look like at mealtime, I think it can be MUCH smaller than it currently is... and I am going to start incorporating some raw food recipes into our diet. Not very macrobiotic, but I like the idea of the variety. I am also taking a clue from my sister and we will include Sauerkraut into all meals that we eat at home... that goes for everyone! (I will write a blog about it later but it makes all of your food more digestible--good gut = good health!)

Business Goals - I LOVE my business, I really don't want to change much but I would like to have a 'brick and mortar' store that I love and I am proud of... as many of you know I have a small store in our VERY small town of Wakefield, RI but I am interested in finding a great spot for a great little store... keep your eyes peeled! We have lots of interesting plans that are a bit secret at the moment but incredibly exciting for me and some collaborations that I am really excited about! Just enough to make this year super exciting and refreshing for NonchalantMom.

I am also looking forward to lighting my personal light more than I have in the past... doing things for myself, so that I grow and change, give back to my community effectively, and make me and my family proud!

I hope that all of you have exciting plans for the new year - I really like the idea of 2012... it's an even number so I am sure it will be a growth year for all!

Happy New Year and look forward to some good blogs that will help you pull yourself and your family together and be healthy and HAPPY!