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roasted root vegetables

One of my favorite blogs to follow is Bleubird, she is so inspiring! AND open with her family on her blog... she has three kids and she recently posted her wedding on the blog which was more than BEAUTIFUL!.. On my visit to her blog today she posted a wonderful diary on what she is feeding her 17 month old toddler - called 'Bird Food'. It looks much like what I fed my kids so I thought it would be a great blog to share with you all, and for some of you, to spark ideas on breakfast, lunch and dinner for your toddler!

veggie burger w/avocado

grapes and steamed vegetables with lentils

This will be a new series for Bleubird so you can stay tuned for more 'dishes' of her daughter Birdie (isn't that just the CUTEST name!!--but I think it's a nickname). Bleubird will help you to feel free about life with your kids, they have so much fun and her kids are terrific! They are an inspiring family and I can see why her blog is so popular, I was introduced, via an email from Miss James... and was instantly hooked! and I know you will be too!

broccoli, bowtie pasta and feta with balsamic dijon dressing

visit Bleubird here and ENJOY!!!!


dolittledesign said...

I have high regards for parents who provide healthy food for their children. Natural not processed and freshly prepared. Cheers to you!

erika jane said...

i read this blog, too! it is very pretty. i was excited to see this post because i recently started doing a similar post on my blog- though my pictures are not as nice as hers.

we have always given our daughter bits of the same as what we eat and no sugar, because of this she is not at all picky.



Kathleen said...

I love her blog too - it's beautiful. And, of course, it's always nice to get new food ideas for the kiddo.