just got these today!!...

This arrived today from my new friend Gina in Mexico and I am over the MOON! This lovely jewelry came in this beautiful basket... couldn't be more special. Gina pulls together very small artisans from villages all over Mexico, everything is made by hand and has a very special soft appeal. I love it when jewelry can take me from plain to feeling very VERY special. A few of these pieces have raw stones of quartz and aquamarine, they almost vibrate with energy (here is a little trick... if you feel that your crystal stones have too much 'outward' energy, if they feel spiky when you wear them, you can bury them in the ground so that they pick up earth energy, leave them there for as long as you can, just don't forget where they are! and they can help you feel more grounded when you wear them!)

The beaded pieces are all hand loomed by each of the artists, they are filled with color and brightness. I liked these pieces because they were easy and comfortable to wear anytime, to make a statement or not! I should have them online very soon!
... can't wait!!