A new font for dyslexia

A graphic designer from the Netherlands has developed a new way to help tackle his dyslexia. The font is called Dyslexie and it has proved to decrease the number of errors made by dyslexics while reading. The font works by slightly changing the shapes and appearance of certain key letters of the alphabet that dyslexics have particular trouble with such as "d" and "b" to make them more recognizable. Christian Boer developed the font while at school in the Netherlands and a fellow student conducted a study and found that there was a significant reduction in reading errors by dyslexics when reading in Dyslexie as opposed to Arial font.

this gives you an idea of how the dyslexie font is different from arial

There is a full article in the Scientific American site (click here), which also let's you read the article in the Dyslexie font, that has more specific information. Considering that one in five persons is dyslexic this could be an amazing breakthrough, I also feel that his could be an AMAZING breakthrough for children. One of the first things Boer said he wanted to do was increase the boldness of letters at their base, to make them appear weighted, causing readers' brains to know not to flip them upside down, as can occur with "p" and "d". These details are fascinating and make so much sense!

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and overlapping idea of how you can see the difference