Tales with my Sister!

sunset on lake minnetonka

Most of you know my sister and how we get when we are together, this time we were too busy for ginger compresses but we still managed to talk a lot about healing and things we are both doing to stay more healthy. She had a lot to say about digestion, and I was happy about that because it's one of my ongoing issues that I never seem to tackle... we did a lot of walking, eating, and fun while I was in Minnesota over Christmastime. When we get together we spend most of our time in my sisters kitchen, I think this is true for most families over the Holidays, so we are no different.

One of the best things about getting together with my family is that we don't do it often so we play a lot of catch up... I like to cook for her and she likes to share remedies and healing dishes (well this is the way we relate at the moment, it's ever-changing!). At the moment my sister is practicing more macrobiotics than we are... we are pretty far from Macro as a family. I have shared some of her priorities at the moment which are sauerkraut, sprouted seeds and nuts, (see recipes on previous blogs) no dairy, tea and there is probably more but not coming to my mind at the moment, their vice... coffee (good thing, it's the same as mine!). Family outings were to the amazing health food stores and co-ops that Minnesota has to offer! They are SO lucky as the local food scene is the best I've seen anywhere in the country, we like to spend hours at The Wedge and Lakewinds, we practically have to pull our mom out of there!

ice boats on Lake Minnetonka

a bit of hot chocolate after a long walk!
a blonde street gang... on the suburban side streets of Wayzata
Each day we took a long family walk to... where else... the coffee shop! It was delightful for us because we live out in the middle of nowhere and can't walk into town, so my kids and I love that! There was no snow (I don't remember when this has ever happened before!) and the weather was mild so it was nice to be outside, there were ice gliders on Lake Minnetonka, which was frozen but without the snow they were all over the lake!
mor mors jul log!
 My mom is the sweet tooth nut, she makes 6-8 different kinds of cookies for Christmas... I couldn't photograph them because we ate them so fast! But I did manage a photo of Mor Mor holding the Jul Log! She waltzed into the party with a standing ovation! Everyone went crazy when they saw Mor Mor and her cake! I don't know how she does it but she managed over 10 Christmas parties, she made deserts for ALL of them.. she works so hard at Christmastime I could never keep up!


When we got back to Rhode Island, I had a sinus pain that I have not felt since.... well LAST Christmas! From all the sweets and crazy things we eat I was not in good shape and ended up on the acupuncture table, this is moxibustion (sp?) and a bunch of needles in my back... I am back at last, in fighting form and feel great after the treatments!