survey SAYS!

We recently ran a survey monkey, which for those of you who do not know, it is just a way for us to hear from you and see how you like our services. It's your chance to give us ideas on how we can make things work better for you and also a chance for you to criticize (although only ONE person did...). I am so glad that we did this and we are certainly going to do it again, it was fun to find out what you are thinking and to see that so many of your responded to the survey!! (THANK YOU!)

So at this time I would like to give you a few of the results... just so you know what was said and then you can also see if you want to participate next time if you didn't this time (but we had hundreds of responses so I am happy that all of you are willing to give your opinions on Nonchalant Mom). If you have ideas for the next survey monkey just shoot me an email! Otherwise I am going to take this moment to let you know what we are able to work on to upgrade in the coming year.

SELECTION: It seems as though everyone is VERY happy with our selection, 20% would like to see more boys items and some of you would also like to see more European collections. We heard you loud and clear on the boys selection and we can certainly work on that... we have added some good collections for the Fall 2011 season that will answer this question and we also went a bit back to our roots and concentrated on unisex collections. BUT as for European collections, I am holding back on this a bit, it's very hard for me to do this as duties and shipping are SO expensive and it makes the clothing SO expensive that I can't seem to make it work. Obviously when I can we will do it... I am pretty sure that I will NEVER leave Tuss and Shampoodle behind so you can always count on those! (both good unisex collections by the way!) -  A few of you also suggested that you would like to see a LARGER selection... so would I! so I'm working on that too... but we need some partners in our business to do that so... we are working on it!!

Someone suggested that we give surprises each season and I LOVE that idea... lots of surprises coming this Fall (and maybe sooner) but I am going to keep this in mind for next Spring. Another person suggested that I need to get my price points down.. and I would really love to do that, I try hard to offer a representation of all price targets but, as I say quite often, the collections that Nonchalant Mom offers are all independent labels, small companies or even individuals doing it all on their own and the prices will never match the Gap .. etc.. but we heard you, and we will try! We also had a few requests for mens items... I'm not sure if I am going to get into this although I would LOVE to, like I say, when I go out shopping in the 'world' all the good shopping is always for MEN! I don't know if I can top the Freeman Sporting Club and Steven Alan's out there... but I will give it a go on Lucky Fish for you guys!

NAVIGATION OF NONCHALANT MOM: It seems that everyone is happy with the Nonchalant Mom website and the way it works, you would like to see more photos and we are trying to see how we can add that element within the framework of the website that we already have... uff da! I think that we will produce a catalog, for some extra images and then remember that you can ALWAYS click on the top bar of each of the product pages and then a slideshow will load with extra images of the clothing on kids so that you can see it better. We seem to have the sizes you need but you would like us to go up to size 14 (pretty unanimous!), also UNANIMOUS is the new addition of adult clothing... you all seem to like it VERY much!

Someone said that they can never find the shopping basket... yikes! it's that little grey basket (above) that says "view shopping cart" at the BOTTOM every page, it's small and it's grey but it's there... I do LOVE all of your suggestions on how to make my site easier, like sorting by size or by boy - girl, etc.. I think this is a GREAT idea and we are working on it. We will never get the size thing but boy-girl... how silly of me not to think about this sooner! I have understood also, that I need to move things to the sale page... my connundrum, I have to figure this one out... (maybe they can be on BOTH product and sale for awhile). Some of you don't like that I have it by designer but that's going to have to stay that way, I love giving ample credit to each designer so I really want to keep it that way... hope you can deal...

SHIPPING AND CUSTOMER SERVICE: Not to say that we never make mistakes, cause we do... but I got quite a few "Julie Rocks!" as comments! Our shipping and timing seem to work for everyone, although I do cringe for the California people, it takes a week to get to you guys and I hate that! We are usually on top of shipping in one to two days after you place your order unless there is a problem. We have decided to do inventory more often, we do get hooked up on this and inventory being off can really ruin a good day for us! I am constantly 'hounding' UPS to give us better rates, it's so hard for smaller companies to beat the jCrews out there, but we try! The rate you are quoted is the rate that we get from UPS! (except for international, and you have no idea the extra work that goes into international but we only add an extra $5 to international packages)

BLOG COMMENTS: I just wanted to check in and see if you all were liking the blog... because I can just write and write and I have no idea if you even CARE (although the readership is too good for you to NOT be caring). But most of you "Love it!" so there we go... although a lot of you want to hear more about our house, and I have to say, it's a small house so there is not much more to say than what I already write!! But I will try to do more on our house... (because I DO Love it! also!)

So thank you so very much for all of your comments, I really learned a LOT and we will be working hard to make some changes and update the website and its selection to make everyone happy!