The Inside Source - nonchalant mom!?

Yes, it is... and I am... part of the Inside Source a fantabulous blog by eBay (of all people...) I was asked by Jen Smith to give her my favorite eBay searches and I just about popped! YES! It does happen to be a favorite pastime for me. Funny enough I had just been trailing a Braun 1960's Dieter Rams stereo on eBay for the past few weeks and in the back of my mind I thought... maybe they will give it to me if I do a story with them... But alas.. here I am still wishing for my much longed for eBay stereo!

Our whole family is eBay crazy, when my son gets a bill for doing chores he hops right onto eBay, and hey, who can fault a kid for buying re-used! I love it! We buy old games and toys, because I like to see the old graphics rather than the new ones with Dora or Hanna Montana! Call me a design-Sargent but the images from the 60's and 70's are so much better and somehow it makes playing these games more fun for me and the kids... well they don't seem to care! (the old memory games!!) Well you can see all the games that I love and all my 'searches' on the delightful story that Jen put together. They are listed here...

Thank you Jen for including me on your Inside Source! And don't miss checking out all of the great people that are a part of the Inside Source, Marcia Patmos (of M. Patmos), Preston Davis and Jennifer Alfano, Kelly Lillien and more.... who all give their favorite finds on eBay!

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