How is a Mom Supposed to Look?

I have been thinking about this lately, let's just say that it's come up in my life as of late... So I have taken a bit more notice of it than I usually do. Today, because I get a 'google alert' when someone mentions Nonchalant and Mom in the same sentence I was directed to the wonderful blog Babble and a blog entitled "How is a Mom Supposed to Look?" (posted today by Rebecca Odes). As I read through the story it did remind me of my current situation, or maybe the phase that I am going through right now. As a mom, a nonchalant one at that, I have not really cared much about what anyone else thought about my looks or the way I dress, "just so that I am happy about it" is my theme in life. You know that I am in love with 'Style' but that does not always mean 'Fashion'. But somehow being a mom that kind of changes, when I spend time at the kids elementary school I see that other moms get dressed up and look good, they have their nails done, their hair is washed and the may even have 'heels' on! I started to really respect the effort.

If we start from the beginning here you should know that I once drove my kids to school for drop off in my pj's (well I WORK in them sometimes for heavens sake...). Recently I dropped my kids off at school, realized they forgot something and had to go IN the school without a bra on and without a shower (I 'think' I brushed my teeth), then realize that I had a meeting in town right that moment and had to go to the meeting (without a bra on) then went into the store to check on things and before I knew it it was noon and I still had not taken a shower, no make-up and no bra! (this may be okay for some people but NOT a 34D after breastfeeding two kids!). I will stop with the self humiliation there... but you get the picture and I decided this was the last straw.

When it comes time for a trip to NYC I know I have to get my #*(% together and I do pull it out for these trips, so I feel for you guys that have to give it your all every day, each day out of the gate! But being that Mothers Day is coming up I want to give each of you some inspiration... I don't want to see any of you slagging around in your PJ's. Upon my last trip to NYC I was so pale from a horribly long winter that I had turned almost blue.. I thought to myself, I need a tan! so I made an appointment for a spray-tan (!?) can you imagine.. me!! (the chemicals involved...!!) but I was desperate! Desperate to pull myself together and quick-like. So as I waited for the spray-tan lady, I chickened out... and I just asked her if she would mind helping me find some make-up instead? (it was at an Aveda salon...) It was my first tube of all-over face makeup for, lets just say, a very long time.

It was all that I needed, I didn't need a face lift, botox, or anything else, I just needed to little change and added an extra step to my morning routine that lifted my 46 years back to just about 40 (at least I think so...) So if you are the mom who doesn't really care what they look like... well there is nothing wrong with that, but you may just feel that much more inspired if you find that one thing that will uplift your look. Maybe it's just a new chapstick color (you know burts bee's has many colors now!) or maybe it's doing your hair color, take the time to do it for yourself, it will make your day... better! And if you are the mom that has a manicure each week then go for it! and love it!

Just make sure that this Mothers Day you also think of yourself, it's YOUR day you know, it's still a day for you to make a call to YOUR mom, send her a gift or write her a letter and tell her how much you love her and appreciate her, but don't forget yourself and do something just for yourself.