friends and inspirations: Gunn

gunn and one of their 5 dogs I believe this is "valentino"

Yes, I talk about her often, that's because she inspires me often. Out of left field, I say that because she lives in tucked into the mountains of Italy, she inspires me with daily life... and obviously she inspired someone else, Eclat magazine, out of Japan, has featured her in this months issue!

her studio, where I promise you she rarely sits to read a magazine! ha!

top left their rustic home in the mountains of Italy, right: interior of their piles and piles of books of inspiration

more photos of gunn, her home and the town center in Biella + a very small product shot of 'Nara' products

Did I mention that since their collection hLam hit Japan in the late 90's Gunn and her husband Pierangelo have been rock stars there... so it's only fitting that after she created her signature collection of all natural/organic body products "Nara" they would debut it in Japan! This feature is about Gunn, thier life in Italy and the products they have created (well as far as I can tell that's what it's about.. I don't exactly read Japanese, although I would like to).

gunn and her amazing cooking!
here is maybe the recipes... sorry! it's in Japanese

Gunn can inspire you too if you check out her blog Un Momento Nordico or visit her shop in Biella, Italy! It's so sad that we cannot get her products here because they are delicious and the absolute best in quality (yes, I have a few samples myself and hoping we can bring them here to America!! -say yes!) for now we can be inspired by her life and love of good food on the pages of Eclat magazine.

click here to visit Un Momento Nordico blog