it's freaking FREEZING....

I don't know if you noticed but it's still winter here in New England... it's freaking freezing! I keep thinking it's going to warm up, they even have the flowers tricked and then I look at my phone and the weather says 60 degrees for another week! cloudy/rainy/foggy - you name it we got it! Somehow it's put the kabosh on any blogging that I would have liked to do... kind of like, I'm sorry it's too cold to sit at my computer and type a blog, my fingers are freezing!

So today, while trying to warm up in a very long hot shower (no shortage of water HERE), I thought  would be very apropos and suggest some tips for warming up when it's supposed to be warm outside but it's not and it's freezing you to the bones. And on top of that all that I really want to do is start to wear Spring clothes, NO SOCKS, bare sleeves, open toe shoes, skirts, dresses... instead I am still in socks, boots, cashmere sweaters, scarves (even the wool ones!) and yes... I am still wearing BLACK, although you have NO idea how much I would like to move on from that into bright, fun SPRING colors! I have to hand it to my friends and neighbors, we are all trying, maybe that bright colored dupatta can keep us warm, yet still say Spring with a bright color... on some days maybe... but it's still a bit cool... many of us have taken to Spring with jewelry instead, moved on from clothing and given up! But soon... maybe in JULY... we will be able to don our new Spring-y gear.. let's hope!

In the meantime here are some ways to stay warm this Spring:
-running - I have taken to running each day (unless it's raining.. which is many, so I really shouldn't say EVERY day) I take a mile run every day, yes, it's short so don't laugh. But it truly warms you up from the inside and the day is much easier to grin-and-bear-it.

-tea - it takes only about 5-8 cups of tea to keep you warm all day long, this is of course if you keep it in a thermal mug, if not you will have iced tea very quickly... that will make you colder so don't drink it. I make a pot of Kukicha tea and put it in a thermal container and drink it all day... it sure helps!

-skin brushing - I thought about this this morning, and it IS true, I stayed warm twice as long after a nice skin brushing (brittbeautifulskin.com for more information or buy here at nonchalantmom). It's a little chilly to start unless you have one of those warm bathrooms... but once you get going you can feel yourself warm from the inside out.

- fires - when it comes to the end of the season and you think "we can finish the fire wood in April" remember that you live in NEW ENGLAND and you will need at the very least TWO MORE MONTHS WORTH! So stock up!

- make Kichadi! - This has been my saving grace and keeping me warm each day! I love it and all of you guys in warm places all over the world (everywhere else but HERE and the north pole!) you can try it next winter... but you, my friends in New England with me... eat Kichadi and it will keep you warm! -see recipe here on my blog

- and my last suggestion... go to Miami!

Good Luck... Stay WArm and you will know when it warms up here... I will start to write blogs again... until then.. short and sweet... because my fingers are freezing!

love - carina