A Little Hut

This is one of those things that probably everyone already knows about but I just found it... so, just in case you don't I am passing it onto everyone! My daughter and I like to make cut-out anything with paper, so when I found A Little Hut I was SO excited. Patricia Zapata is an amazing wiz with paper art, and has a beautiful book to back her up called 'Home, Paper, Scissors'. On her website you can get a taste of what is in her book and follow some of her projects and then when you get completely hooked, get the book!

Her flowers are amazing and a delight. I suppose it could be kind of frustrating (for the adults at least) when your flowers don't look anything like hers the first try, but I am certain after a bit of practice we can all be novices at this terrific sport! There is nothing better than sitting down together on a rainy day (or a beautiful sunshiny day outside?) to a fun project and I think these are inspiring!

Just a glimpse of a new project, make a house of paper, your kids will have so much fun for hours with this one! Any way you look at these once you know about Patricia you can't go back!

have fun!!

visit: A Little Hut by Patricia Zapata