Un Momento Nordico... Gunn Johansson

find out how to make your own delicious roasted chestnuts!
 My friend Gunn, my she is an over-achiever! You may remember me talking about her blog before, Un Momento Nordico, in which she talks about wonderful ideas to make your life more healthy and clean (CLEAN with her very own products Nara!) and then she gives us a dose of some good dog stuff! Last January we went to Paris together and ended up making a blog for her, she is now humming away and I get inspired every day looking at her blog!

fig harvest

Gunn lives in the country of Italy, in a small town called Biella (I lived there with them in the 1990's!). Reading her blog is going to give you an insight into what it's like to live seasonal, eat seasonal and she also has that certain sense pull every drop of luxury out of each and everthing! Gunn is one of those friends you like to have because you can always go to them and be inspired by the very simplest thing (well, I have to say that she inspires me by BIG things too!). I'm inspired by the way that she does everything, it's always incredibly thoughtful and her heart is in everything she does.

Nara helt naturligt
Last year she created her own line of body and health products which she sells, for the time being, only in Japan. I say that she created it last year but her formulations have been in the making for many years! She has gone about the process in a very natural way, as she is mostly inspired by nature itself!

you never know what you are going to learn about from Gunn! Goats... !

Visit her blog and get inspired yourself by a life that is lived and each drop of sweet, delicate juice is squeezed out of it!

Thank you Gunn!