Los Angeles trip :: part II

(dosa space at 818 broadway)

The last two days of my LA trip with Jann were so jam-packed, I wanted split the blog into two parts... so you will have to refer to Part I if you have not already read it by clicking here. The last part of the trip was really what we came to LA for in the first place. Jann (Lucky Fish) was invited to be a part of an event, by designing tea towels, to support The Edible Schoolyard that was put on by Dosa, Lost & Found, and The Chez Panisse Foundation at the Dosa showroom in Los Angeles. First of all this was the most beautiful location for an event, a large open warehouse loft space that Christina Kim (Dosa) renovated into a simple yet impeccably appointed space. And not to mention Alice Waters was on hand to sign books and talk to everyone, I am completely in AWE of her, she is an amazing person.

in front of Lost & Found

The event was Sunday, so on Saturday Jann and I met with Jamie of Lost & Found, if you are in LA you cannot miss this very special store, located at 6320 Yucca Street, and if you live in LA you probably already know about it! Jamie is incredibly talented and has that very special eye for anything very cool or simply well designed (but with character), and we got along instantly! Together we hauled everything downtown and began to set up... AFTER a little shopping in her store that is... couldn't resist!

Jann folding her tea towels
dosa collection

Then it was downtown to get things in order at the showroom. We arrived and Dosa was set up so beautifully... simple racks in the middle of the room... the collection was play of midnight, stars and patchwork of fabrics that all created a deep and elegant display. And we went to work to set up the Lost & Found area which included the Lucky Fish tea towels, which were a special print made for the event, inspired by the Edible Schoolyard by Jann. So we folded tea towels for hours! delightful if you ask me, and with the company at hand... wonderful way to pass the afternoon.

alice and kids from one of the schools

If you do not yet know about the Edible Schoolyard it is a foundation which supports schools to create a garden, children plant and care for the garden, and then include the harvest in the schools lunch program. There are a number of schools throughout California that are involved in the program and there is a project in Brooklyn that is now in the works. Click here to find out more or to donate to the foundation. Check out their Journal to see what is going on in the garden right now! click here.

The Wood Spoon in LA

After we set up we went to have dinner at Wood Spoon just around the corner at 107 9th Street. Amazing food, again California has the best fresh tasty food, but this was Brazilian, fresh and delicious! I would say Brazilian Macrobiotic but I don't think that is the way she would describe it! It's just plain delicious.

Then we thought we would go back to work when we walked by the Orpheum Theater and Yoko Ono was there with her Plastic Ono Band! We ducked in for the second half of the show and I couldn't believe my eyes when Lady Gaga got up on stage in a black catsuit and sang together with Yoko! an amazing show that ended with everyone together singing 'Give Peace a Chance!' it was the perfect day... again... in LA!

preliminary food setup

chefs came from all around to pay tribute to Alice Waters! sitting down is the chef from Gjelina

The next morning was the day of the big event, we didn't even have time for coffee and we were up and out the door, following our GPS lady downtown! We arrived and Chez Panisse was laying out a beautiful display of food! It shows how elegant something simple is when it's made in a loving way with fresh ingredients (as is everything from Chez Panisse). The room was all set with beautiful dark crimson dalias and a warm LA breeze blowing through the windows. The event was beautiful and lasted into the night. It was so good to see so many Nonchalant Mom fans at the event too! Thank you for coming!
Jann and her tea towels!

We almost got out of there without a hitch, then we got to the Airport and I saw Jann start to panic... yes, she lost her passport!