iPhone app: paper town friends

This post comes via a blog called: Abbey Goes Design Scouting, I found myself on her blog for quite a while scouring through her amazing images and winding my way through the web... But I came upon this paper doll app for iPhone and I knew that this would interest everyone! When you are sharing your iPhone apps with your kids to play with remember to turn the phone to "airplane mode" so that the radiation is not attacking your childs brain (like it does yours!).

I will assume this happens to you when you go out to dinner with friends, there comes a point when you all pull out your phones and start to share which apps you like, and which games you like for your kids. I found this one today on Design Scouting and thought it was so very cute! In Paper Town Friends you can switch and play with different paper outfits for your various guys! The images speak for themselves...

Download the app here...
visit Design Scouting here

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