NPR: the science of food

I don't know if you caught it today but Terry Gross had a wonderful author and food science-guy on her "Fresh Air" program, and it was completely eye-opening and really interesting, if you are into food that is... if not, just skip this... OR you could just find out WHY you are not that interested in food and cooking, as Terry did!

The program will teach you much about using natural ingredients to boost the flavor of your food. He doesn't say it flat out but he also talks about the Yin and Yang of food, he calls it salt, acid, etc... but it's the same thing... he teaches the world of opposites and how they work with food. Her guest is Harold McGee who's new book Keys to Good Cooking will help you as a Chef, make your food more tasteful and you also make you look like a seasoned professional in the kitchen (think... your mother-in-law bossing you around in the Thanksgiving kitchen, now, you can tell her when to use flour and when to use corn starch in the gravy! and why!..).

Harold McGee will teach you what is food lore and what is actual science. This program will help you to cook anything better, and I think his book will teach you to be a better cook altogether! Listen to the program and you decide (it's approx. 39 minutes). Now, when your husband ruins your pans by always cooking at a high temperature because he is in a hurry you can tell him WHY this is not the case! (hear that honey!)

What I like about his conversation is that he will tell you the 'science' of something and then you can decide if you want to take the science route or the 'folk' route... he is a science guy, so he will go in that direction but at least he explains both sides of the story, plus he has a great radio voice... so it's delightful. Thank you Harold for making me a better cook! But I do take issue with his use of a microwave cooking! (But I totally don't believe in microwave cooking, there is no place for it in the kitchen! swallow that one Mr. McGee...)

visit the website if Harold Mcgee (Curious Cook) by clicking here
listen to the program on NPR by clicking here