daily emails - what's your favorite inspiration?

I have a friend who get's a daily email from her horoscope, she reads it, listens to it and uses it to make her day work better for her. I have another friend that is very attached to a daily psychic reading, and then others just get consumed with Daily Telegraph (you know who you are...)! Whatever your 'crutch' I don't think that a crutch is so much a crutch if it works for you... it's just a good way to start the day! (or sometimes end the day by the time you read them).

A friend introduced me to The Daily Kabbalah Tune-up, neither of us is religious or into the Kabbalah but I really like the daily inspirations of the author: Yehudah Berg (click here to visit his personal website which is different from the website you will go to for the Tune-up), they are called Daily Kabbalah Tune-up. His words are just gentle and thoughtful and are in no way trying to get you to do anything but enlighten youself.

Saturdays read like this:
When we choose to face our challenges of the day with fear and apprehension, it’s like putting up antennae designed to attract just that – fear and apprehension. We start each day with a self-sabotage signal. However, another frequency exists which broadcasts our best self, and we can tune our antennae to this frequency anytime we choose.

When we awake each morning seeing challenges as opportunities to grow, we’ll change our signal to enthusiasm, and receive an enthusiastic response from the Universe. This not only breaks our pattern of self -sabotage, but sets us up for success.
thank you daily tune-up... doesn't that help your day!?

I think that these days many people have so much going on and the noise of so much going on around us that sometimes it's hard to put your best self forward... and these help me to do just that... I like what they have to say and it at least gives me that moment in the day to tune myself. You don't have to subscribe to any church and I have never received an email about a solicitation or anything from them... just the daily tune-up.

I am not trying to promote the Kabbalah, honestly, I don't know enough about it to promote it. And I am also not trying to promote any religion in particular, I just think that these are great... and I hope that they help you too.

If you want to give it a try click here....