halloween tips by Michelle Phan

I have heard quite a bit about Michelle Phan and her makeup tutorials here and there and around the internet... after watching this tutorial I must say I am quite a fan of Michelle Phan (I'm sure I'm not the first one to use that one...). She is so cute, her voice is slow and clear and even a seasoned unprofessional like myself can apply make up after watching her do it!

I think that you can also consolidate this quite a bit and use her ideas to make your kids witch costume or just about anything look MUCH better! This video is sponsored by Lancome, but you can make your way around that... (but I must say that white eye pencil looks pretty tempting!).

I just wanted to give some ideas for halloween that go beyond costume, I have heard from a fair number of friends that the stress of not purchasing a costume and making one by hand is pretty intense! I would suggest just using things you have and making them into a costume, Ninja = just a bunch of black clothes and a long sword tucked into a belt... perfectly easy, right? or how about a scuba diver with your kids summer swimming goggles, or a friend of mine is doing Santa Claus... red hat, red jacket, red pants... you get the picture.

But if you do happen to be crafty I know that this is a wonderful time to make some great costumes for your kids! and I hope that this little tutorial by Michelle Phan gives you some ideas to enhance that look!

click here to see the tutorial on how to get this look (it's on YouTube)
if you want a Lady Gaga idea... click here to see Michelle Phan's Lady Gaga (fabulous!)

have fun!!
happy halloween!