Shampoodle - in perfect trend!

This Fall the shampoodle collection could not be more 'on-trend', they have it all... the plaid, the Sgt. Pepper look and the scarf print inspired prints... and then what they always do just right the too-cool-for-school (but in this case PERFECT for school) knit seperates, tuxedo trimmed pants and just the right top! And then they called it The Little Brittan Collection, those crazy Brits inspired the folks at Shampoodle in this way:

same shirt by the way, on an 8 year old (boy) AND a 5 year old (girl)!

Little Britain Collection
Cheerio, dapper lads and lasses!
We felt the urge to make a collection inspired by the city we fell in love with as teens, and the country that has inspired millions with its brilliant art, music, fashion and literature over the centuries. The Little Britain Collection for autumn/winter 2010 is Shampoodleized scarf patterns and tartan suits mixed with Sgt. Pepper inspired fleece jackets and workers denim, translated into childishly comfortable clothes. Enjoy!

When I first opened my box from them I thought it myself... oohh hhooo this is CRAZY! The kids got in on at and we had to hold an impromptu photo session on-the-spot! They picked out their own outfits and loved every minute of it! Honestly, I have never seen them react like this to a collection! AND there has never been more from one collection that they had to have so many 'personals' (industry parlance for I want MY OWN please). So yes, those are my kids running around town in Shampoodle everywhere!

So thank you Shampoodle! For always being an inspiration, and always knowing what's right! (or maybe it's just because those Swede's... they are so smart! wink, wink!)

Shampoodle is available in sizes 0 months - 8 years!
and there are some pieces that YOU can have as well... may I suggest the Mick Jagger inspired Rolling Stone knit pants! --Truly something for everyone!

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