lotta jansdotter - simple sewing for baby

Sometime I think that all you need is a little 'push' to get you into sewing... and a new baby is a GREAT instigator! If you start when you are pregnant it will give you such satisfaction for those nesting moments (or days, weeks or months!). When those creative juices go into overdrive and the 'nursery' is done (or you just skipped that part) it will be really fun to start on CLOTHES! I tell you, there is nothing more fun than putting your kids into something that you have made, yourself!

Making clothes for your baby is just about like making doll clothes, they are so small and easy to make AND you hardly need any fabric, it's a great way to reuse some of your old clothing, prints you love or just that really soft dress you loved but doesn't fit anymore... use the fabric for baby clothes! (because you will find that one of the most difficult things is finding fabric that is great, natural, soft.. ) I once bought a bag of handmade used doll clothing at a vintage shop in Sweden and all of the clothes fit franny at some point when she was a baby! (just to show you how small the clothing can actually be!) ...enter Lotta Jansdotter! - Simple Sewing for Baby...

With this book from Lotta Jansdotter you will be inspired to sit yourself down in front of the sewing machine and make your baby some wonderful things! Once you get started you will be making play clothes for your kids in no-time! As an added 'push' Lotta is offering this great kit of fabric with the purchase of a book for FREE! (offer ends on January 21st 2010). Don't miss this offer and you will be able to make some great kids clothing with amazing Lotta prints! Have fun and keep it up, if something doesn't work, just learn from it and keep on going!!

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