fast is over... 4 days!

I finished my fast on Friday and my husband talked me into doing the salt water flush as well... interesting... but I am glad that I did it. I have to say that this is something that I thought I would never do, but it was so incredibly easy! When you set your mind to it and just do it! I felt great throughout, no problems at all. I didn't take on any big tasks (just packing some boxes.. ha!) and I think that helped, I gave myself the room to relax if I needed to and just take some walks in the woods, it's important to keep your stress level low ...if you can find that time.

The fourth day was good and I still didn't feel hungry, the tea is really good enough. If you want to do the salt water flush it's on the 'master cleanse' website, it gives a great description of how the process works and it basically cleans you out! On my fifth day I just has some grapes and I made this wonderful broth from vegetables and a piece of garlic, which was SO good I will make it my breakfast drink from now on! delicious! I realized that I actually went a 5 days without food yes, but also, coffee or sugar so I am going to do my best to give them up! ...so there!

Today, which is my sixth day I had the vegetable broth for breakfast an amazing oatmeal for lunch, and then my homemade chicken soup for dinner. I would fully suggest a fast to anyone! I would probably do it again in the summer because I was kind of cold at night... you have a hard time keeping yourself warm. But my eyes are clear, you won't believe how clear they get! and I am ready to GO!

Good Luck and I hope that you try it.. if you do, send us a comment!

(someone asked for more images so above is an image of my vegetable broth which includes carrots, a piece of kale, two broccoli stalks, celery and a clove of garlic.)