HELP Haiti

You would be hard pressed to find a place struggling worse than Haiti, even at the best of times. Trying to emerge from social and political turmoils that have embroiled it for years and a recent hardship caused by 4 major hurricane hits, the last thing Haiti needed was a Major Earthquake right underneath it. As word of the devastation first started reaching the world it was easy to be mired in conflicting reports and general confusion. But, shortly thereafter, the catastrophe really started to come into view with the flood of images coming out of the capital city Port-au-Prince.

Personally, our family does not have any direct connection to the Caribbean nation. But the images easily conveyed the same confusion, pain, fear, and suffering that I remember clearly from the 9/11 tragedy. Of course, anyone who has seen such a thing doesn't forget it easily. For us, it does not matter if the tragedy is man made or a natural occurrence - it is still just that: a tragedy. You want to do something, you want to react..... but in this case, you can't. You feel frustrated, especially when we see the faces of the frightened and bewildered children. Some things are just overwhelming.

So, if like us, you want to do something - then please give a little something to one of the many organizations that have reacted quickly to this disaster. We have given to an organization that we have long admired called Partners In Health who are well place to help in this situation. But, honestly, you can choose from many organizations such as the International Red Cross. We hope you will consider it as a matter of urgency.