baby cap - knitting instructions

I thought this was great that Small Magazine provided a pattern for this baby cap (click here). A friend of mine made it (well a customer did) and it turned out super cute so I wanted to share it with everyone. This cap is a good way to get started on knitting, not only because its easy and an easy stitch but it won't take you long and before you know it you will have a sweet little cap for your little loved one. The pattern is provided by Hadley Fierlinger who has a book out called "Vintage Knits for Modern Babies". But you can get this pattern free by downloading it from Small Magazine.

I think that one of the most difficult things is to find really nice yarn, and now you can buy really beautiful yarns online and it's so easy. I really like to buy from Purl (the store is in Soho on Sullivan Street) I actually just like to go to the store for inspiration on color and they also have a fabric store that is really fun... But they are very nice and can even help you to get started on your pattern if you are first time knitter.

Good Luck and happy knitting!

baby cap pattern in Small Magazine click here
Purl in Soho click here