back from vacation and just getting back into the groove....

pssst... we went away for a week and I don't think that anybody noticed... Julie worked feverishly on sending out orders and lots of them due to the sale! We are running dangerously low on stock and just waiting for new Spring 2010 to arrive (only MakiƩ and Matta had themselves together to ship in 2009!) so it was as good a time as any to ditch out for a bit and take a mini-vacation with the kids to--none other than--Disney World! (and yes, we will come out with a little travel guide on the subject very soon). It was a kids vacation, but we managed to slide in a bit of adult time as well, and we will show you how you can do this on a Disney World vacation for yourselves in a blog in the coming week.

Our time away gave me a moment to re-group and think about goals for the coming year, for some of you this may be a chore but I really relish this time. In our busy lives, when one day kind of blends into the next, it's important to have a break in the day-to-day and take your mind off of kids lunches and laundry to see what you can conjure up for the coming year, let your mind really explore new ideas and what is possible and even think about going for the IMPOSSIBLE (it's important to at least think about it!). That time away can be just a day or even a few hours but just think about yourself for a moment and what you want. Obviously, this exercise should happen more than just once a year, but make sure it's AT LEAST once a year!

If you want, take a moment to make a comment on your goals for the year, it can be anonymous if you want but it may give more power to the idea if you write it down AND it helps others to see other peoples goals, be they big or small!