baby susu - for boys!

Finding great things for boys is not always easy, and somehow I have this aversion to the typical boys things like mini boden, it's just too practical and sporty... But today I got an email from the people at baby susu and I think they are great! (and yes, you may see them on nonchalant mom soon... you never know...). Classic and beautiful liberty print shirts (always love that!) great simple pants and wonderful sweaters.. finshed... that's all you need for boys! (Oh, and maybe a lucky fish t-shirt or two).

I must add a plug in for myself here otherwise, well I suppose it's just not good business but this Spring 2010 I kept the boys in mind a bit more than usual and as a result we will have some great boys things from TUSS, MakiƩ and Nico Nico... (all arriving in February) and then a few more surprises. But in the meantime get some goodies from Baby Susu!

click here to visit baby susu - they are on sale at the moment