Maybe it's because I was looking for it or I was interested in it, but most likely it's because it's January! January is a perfect month to do a fast, kind of a new year thing to start a-new! Everywhere I went people were fasting.. or talking about fasting and there I was with my big ear listening in on it. Honestly, in my life I have never completed a fast, two years ago I tried to do it with my friend Karen and we had a few false starts and then on the day we got ourselves together she said "okay, is this going to be a 3-day fast of 5-days" and I yelled out ARE YOU KIDDING 5 DAYS! It was over for me at that moment.

This year, I did a bit of research and yes, most fasts are from 3 - 10 days--hol-y cow! Then I just decided to jump in and do it. I am on day three and I have to say it's been really refreshing and no where near as hard as I had imagined. Yes, I was hungry the first day but not really anymore. I am mostly looking for something to do... after I drop the kids off at school (coffee + 'something'), at lunch I just kind of pace around, and dinner... I would say it's a bit difficult to make your kids a tasty dinner and then just sit there while they eat it. But it's all going fine! (tonight my kids are eating at my neighbors house!). My husband joined in with me yesterday so that made it a bit more fun, someone to talk to about missing food.

Today (day three) I feel very alive and awake, my eyes look so clear it's amazing! and I'm feeling really good. It has broken down a bit like this - day 1: a bit hungry but the tea is wonderful. day 2: headache. day 3: I feel clear and really good. now I can't wait for day 4! That will be it, we will come out of it over the weekend. There are so many religions that involve a fast and I can see why it's important in strengthening both your body and your mind.

I think that each person is different and you are supposed to talk to your doctor before you start a fast. I really like tea so this is what I have been doing:

4-6 big cups of hot water with lemon/maple syrup/cayenne (this is online called the Master Cleanse look it up to find out more). I think they suggest more like 6-8 cups but I couldn't do that it's pretty sour. Then in between I drink genmaicha tea, which is my favorite, technically maybe not 'herbal' but I love it and heck... it's tea! At night I have a bit of chamomile tea and then glasses of water here and there...

Coming out of a fast is a bit tricky as well... we are going to do fruit and as I believe in apples I think that's what will happen (although I have heard a lot of good things about grapes!), then brown rice for two days and then we will see how we feel. My friend in Switzerland suggests that the tea "smooth moves" will help you to eliminate as well, but since this is my first time (and I can already tell it will not be my last!) maybe next time.

We will keep you updated on how it's going... stay tuned!