some of my favorite things are on sale and I think you may have missed them!!!!

Each season I have some favorite things (how can I not!) a lot of times they are things that I would like for myself, but alas I don't fit into kids sizes, DARN!...but at least my kids can have them, I figure! well I am just afraid that some of these have been overlooked by you so I wanted give you a little 'review'! so....
"these are a few of my favorite things..."

(above: lightning t-shirt by salvor, veja sneakers (baby sizes on sale!), TUSS I love everything from tuss, it's so practical and my kids LOVE to wear all of her clothes)

above: lucky fish t-shirts...some as low as $20 (check the sale page)!, nonchalant kids pleated dress (or tunic because it's super cute with pants!), nonchalant kids patch pocket pants...these are perfect for all season! they are cropped so they are great for spring/summer too!

above: kice kice...I can hardly believe we had some things left to put on sale...but there are still some of the dresses left! they are all my favorites, but you know how I LOVE vests and vest dressing (I really would wear these if they made one for me!) the wool dresses are organic, soft and what could be more practical! Lesley Kice told me that the reversible vest dress (pictured above upper left) is so great for traveling because if your kids spill you just reverse to the other side... voila! clean clothes! (or at least they look that way to the outside world!)

above: Antik Batik... how did this happen! my very favorite dress (above right) the Aris dress is really so amazing and HOW is it that I still have some left!? and then the Meow dress, silky cute party dress... sweet and modern, covers all bases!

above: We only have a few of the Amy Arnold Peepwool people left, and how can it be that my most favorite one, Suzy Bikini, is still here in our studio! don't be afraid of her sexy binkini or her cute littly tummy, she is loveable and cute all the same! and Oeuf sweaters are just the greatest, I never usually put these on sale but these times called for it, so we do have some sizes left, don't miss them on sale!

The Rosenberg collection (previously known as "Kragh Rosenberg") is always one of my true favorites, it's exciting to buy the collection for the store and its SO exciting when it finally arrives here in our shop, we always go crazy, so I can't believe that we have these pillows left...and now on sale! or these duvet sets for crib and twin beds (pictured below) these are amazingly cute and so sweet for your kids room! (the duvet sets come in blue or pink) superbly cute!

There is so much more wonderful things on sale and I hope that you don't miss them!